Insulation Material Suppliers Company in Pakistan.

Thermofoam insulation material comapny, Leading a insulation materials suppliers in Pakistan. Is our brand name for Expanded Polystyrene. Thermofoam is manufactured on a fully automatic imported Plant and therefore its quality is unmatched. Unlike many supplier in market the densities of our product are exact. Our technical support is based on our extensive Pre fab and Pre-engineered building construction experience of over 40 years. We are always ready to advise and guide you on your Project; large or small. Insulation is a must in today's construction projects.Before you buy from someone else, please get a free sample now and see the difference for your self.

Thermofoam is a market top insulation key provider in the Pakistan. We have repeatedly prolonged our central part capabilities in the field of micro porous high performance thermal insulation materials and have made a spacious variety of fairly original products and manufacture procedures. Due to our expansion slanting tactic, we have developed into one of the world wide top producer of micro porous sky-scraping high temperature insulation and void insulation panels. Insulation material supplier Company Pakistan is an innovative thermal insulation continues to increase significance, not only in vision of partial power resources and growing expenses. Mainly latest expertise’s with precise insulation supplies increasingly stipulate tailor made answers in the low temperature as well as elevated warmth range.

In this high opinion, demands complete on thermal insulation resources comprise the frequent decrease of thermal conductivity as well as condensed coating thicknesses. Treatment must be easy and at the equal time not pretense a fitness danger. Last, but not the least, thermal insulation materials must be accessible as uniform preformed basics as well as for entity applications. We deal in many insulation products throughout Pakistan and worldwide.

Styrofoam Insulation Pakistan

Thermofoam is exclusive organization in production tremendously high in quality of extended polystyrene sheets, packaging, and pipe insulation and false roof in Pakistan. We consider in supreme excellence experts to make sure the excellence of products for the satisfaction of our respectable consumers. Our production method includes extremely skilled experts to make sure excellence of product in accordance to international standards. As we supplies our value products in International market too more than 13 countries.

ThermoPore Sheet Pakistan

Thermopore is the trade name for promotion of extended polystyrene insulation sheets. Thermopore is famous for its properties like:

  • Tremendously low thermal conductive material.
  • High compressive potency and CFC free.
  • Extremely Strong and extremely light in mass.
  • Opposed to water amalgamation.
  • Available in too many sizes and depth.
  • Thermopore sheets are economical choice of insulation.
  • We are the foundations of thermopore sheets in Pakistan and serving from last many years. Our trade name is a famous and well known name in household.

    Insulation Material Pakistan

    Thermofoam in close collaboration with our consumers, we intend and extend inventive and amazing insulation products that are also appropriate for mixing in sequential production methods. Additional to our obtainable product lines, we tender our consumers our entity session and manufacturing services to employment out a key for their precise thermal insulation troubles. Our prices are really affordable for our consumers and we can do home and office Styrofoam insulation. We have many solutions for our valuable customers. Best quality of thermopore sheets, Styrofoam insulation and insulation material supplier company which tender good prices and work according to customer requirements.