Styrofoam Insulation Pakistan

Styrofoam Insulation Pakistan

Thermofoam is giving Styrofoam insulation throughout Pakistan and international market too. Styrofoam has versatility in its uses whether your requirement is to insulate homes, commercial buildings, factories or in industrial practice For example insulating weighty boiler oil tanks, cold storages trade grooved roofs or subversive chillers. Thermofoam offers the ideal insulation solution. Thermofoam is offering cheap price packages to the customer’s too so that it can easily fits in the need of all type of customers.

As a top-notch producer of thermal insulation products, Dow Building Solutions can give help, advice and information in order to help you attain the solutions you're looking for. STYROFOAM Solutions are obtainable in a number of diverse grades which are planned to meet the performance requirements of particular applications.

Thermofoam key services include: Styrofoam insulation products, Styrofoam cores for insulated panels, Styrofoam bricks for purchase, Styrofoam sheets cut to regular sizes and Styrofoam cutting to modified sizes. Non-foam or "hard polystyrene is usually used for things like cutlery, yogurt and cottage cheese containers, cups, clear salad bar containers and video and audiocassette housings.

Hotwire Styrofoam cutting amenities include in-line length, width and depth cutting to give maximum competence for large range making. Separate bunch cutting amenities for length, width and thickness also make sure no job is too small. These facilities are better in quality and price. Cutting machines able to handle sheets. Hot wire cut surface of Styrofoam is ideal for the application of buckle and is fully well-matched with metals, plastics and timber based products for bonding goal.

Plateful environment is important to Bio foam and we manufacture a very environmentally friendly home insulation with a very crouch carbon footprint. Our spray foam insulation is made from castor oil based products that are feasible and do not affect the eco system in Pakistan. Insulating the home with our products will greatly reduce your carbon footprint as you are not wasting so much energy and thus improving your home insulation ratings. You will see a vast reduction also in heating and energy bills!

Try our Pakistan home insulation services that have helped thousands of people across the world benefit from our home insulation techniques. There are some advantages of this economical material.

  • Light in weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Durable in Quality
  • Strong and flexible
  • Long term and reliable
  • Energetic Dampener
  • Shock permeable
  • Easy to Recycle
  • Comparatively static in behavior
  • Our Products